We start setting up in the middle of October, this allows us to take our time and work only when it is cooler in the afternoons and night. We undertake some testing late at night so it is ready to turn on for the 1st December.
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The account does go up a little, however by using the light show, the lights are generally off longer than they are on, therefore reducing cost.

We are using almost all LED lights (Bulbs and rope light) now as they are more energy efficient and give a brighter show. We still have a couple of older style rope lights which we will be changing to LED rope in the future.
We are transmitting from our house using a low power FM transmitter. It is permissible to transmit in this fashion without a licence.
We use a computer program to control the lights. We have over 300 separate channels which link to each string of lights. We go through each of the songs and tell each string of lights when we want them to turn on and off. Each song takes about 20 hours to program.

In the light show we have about 18000 lights , however there are more when you count in the ones along the side of the house. Total over 30 000 lights.
How long does it take to set up?
How many lights are there?
Does it use much electricity?
How do you do the lights to music?
How do you get the music to go over the radio?
123 Bisley Street WARWICK QLD Australia
Why do you do it?
We enjoy sharing the real Christmas story. It is a great social activity and we get to catch up and talk with people we don't see to often throughout the year. The excitement we see on the young (and not so young ) faces makes it all worth while.
How long have you been doing Christmas light displays?
We started off with relativley small static displays in 2006 and 2007. During 2008 we constructed a full walk through navitity scene for the backyard and enhanced the front for a full walk through experience.

2009 saw us introduce computer controlled lighting to our display. We had 64 channels controlling over 12000 lights.

In 2010 we added another 64 channels and 5000 more lights for your viewing pleasure.
This year we are expanding again and we look forward to showing you our syncronized songs alternating over two nights.
What do the neighbours think?
We are thankful that we have understanding neighbours. Their children and friends are some of our regular visitors. In fact every night one neighbours children eagerly await the turning on of the lights and come running over.

We do ask however, that you are mindful when parking and turning around as not to impact on our neighbours. Please stick to the roadways and use the parking on the vacant land opposite the house.
Photography and Video
Please feel free to take photos and video. If you take some nice shots and you would like to , you could drop a copy of them in our letterbox for us.

A couple of tips for photographing the lights. Don't use your flash as this will 'wash' out the effect of the lights. You are best to turn off the flash to allow a longer exposure time (to allow more light in). You may need to rest your camera on something solid eg tripod, seat, esky etc, to keep it still when using no flash.

With the video, you may need to use the manual focus. This is because when the lights flash the auto focus has difficulty focusing.
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